Descente Schematech Airstretch Jacket

Descente Schematech Airstretch Jacket

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Lightweight stretch coat using SCHEMATECH GRID AIR.Β It keeps the temperature and humidity inside the clothes comfortable by letting unpleasant heat and moisture escape through the fine ventilation holes.Β In addition to high-dimensional breathability, we pursued lightness by using laser cutting and special adhesive processing everywhere.Β It has excellent stretchability and pursues a comfortable fit with a stress-free design that naturally fits the body.

SCHEMATECH GRID AIR is used, which creates effective ventilation performance by partially arranging a special mesh on one piece of fabric.

Reference size: L
(173cm / 72kg) B100: W84: H92
Wearing L size will give you a good sense of size.

L / Length:Β 87.5cmΒ Width: 55cm Shoulder width: 42cm Sleeve length: 67.5cm Cuffs: 14cm

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