General Information

General Information


What exactly does Horizon Investment Group, LLC do?

Horizon Investment Group, LLC has partnered with the world’s top retailers to provide wholesale quantities of liquidation merchandise in an efficient and expedient way. Our purpose is to help retailers grow sustainable businesses and support the boom in grass-roots e-commerce and independent retail sales.

What do "liquidation" and "liquidation merchandise" mean?

When retailers have merchandise that they do not wish to sell through their normal channels -- online and brick-and-mortar storefronts -- they sell it at deep discount to liquidation distributors like us so as to make room in their stores and warehouses for preferred inventory. Those deep discounts can be passed on to you as a Horizon Investment Group, LLC customer.

It’s natural to ask why retailers would offload their merchandise at such a low price. Most commonly it is done for logistical or contractual reasons. Warehouse and shelf space is limited and purchases are scheduled months in advance, easily leading to overstocked inventory if sales projections were off. Some retailers simply have internal policies to not allow merchandise to sit on store shelves too long and liquidate older inventory on a set schedule. The industry term “shelf-pull” encompasses all the above situations and more where merchants liquidate viable product directly from their store shelves and is the category of liquidation most frequently available on Horizon Investment Group, LLC

Where are you located and where do you ship to?

Our facilities are located in the Southeast United States and we ship throughout the continental US and internationally.

Purchasing & Sales

How do I make an order?

All orders are made through our online store. There are no salespeople to call and no price lists to request. Simply browse our site, add what you want to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout!

Do I need a store account?

Yes. All customers are required to have an account before they can make a purchase so that we can verify orders when necessary. You will be asked to create a store account at checkout time if you have not already done so. Login or create your account.

Due to overwhelming demand, we are experiencing delays in shipping and customer service. We ask for your patience as during this time we will not be able to meet our usual standards of promptness. There will likely be delays of up to 7 days for the fulfillment of pending orders. Unfortunately, we cannot give detailed status reports of orders that have yet to be fulfilled but you will receive tracking information for your orders as soon as they ship. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

When will my order be delivered?

Most ground shipping orders are delivered within 2-7 days. However, our warehouse is located in the southeast so some orders to the west coast may take longer

What carrier will deliver my order?

We use a variety of carriers for both package and freight with the goal of getting you the best rate.

Can I pick up my order from your warehouse?

Yes, we do allow in-warehouse pickups, you required to call in for an appointment 770-692-8015 or email us at


Important Disclaimer

All products on our online store are provided on an as-is basis without any guarantees or warranty and all sales are final. We make no express or implied warranties of any kind, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or of noninfringement of third party rights. We open and inspect all products prior to listing for quality. Some packages may not include the original box and/or the original box may be damaged.