What Sneakers Will Be Trending in 2021?

Fashionable Sneakers 2021
Sneakers have long been out of the gym. Urban style has been at its peak for many seasons. Moreover, sweatpants are as trendy as comfortable linen pants and fluffy dresses. Besides, you can successfully combine any of these items with trendy sneakers. Even if you're still skeptical about informal models, sneaker trends 2021 will force you to reconsider your views. 

It doesn't matter whether you are on a stroll, a trip to the nearest store, a long day at the office, or a party; comfort is a priority. Leading designers and fashion experts propose to trust the urban style unconditionally. And if earlier sneakers were perceived exclusively as shoes for sports, it is a fashion trend that harmoniously suits any image today.

Main sneaker trends in 2021

Main sneaker trends 2021

The history of sneakers dates back to 1892. It was the first pair of rubberized spiked shoes released in the United States. Later, in 1917, they underwent significant improvements, and the stair was available to everyone. However, the sneakers gained their true popularity thanks to the idol actor James Dean. His character wore them, and he served as an idol for many generations and created sneakers fashion for men and women. Besides, sneakers Nike undoubtedly can be considered the inspirer of the first design searches for new forms and models.Designers have significantly diversified the lineup of sneakers in shape, color, and style compared to the past. New items are presented in bright, monochromatic, shiny, and matte versions. 

Here are the main features of trendy sneakers:

  • A decor that has nothing to do with sports but looks stylish on sneakers. They are decorated with rhinestones, brand logos, floral prints, sequins.

  • A platform. It is loved by both tall and short girls. Directly sports models are equipped with a moderately high platform.

  • The pastel palette, the leadership, remains with beige and white as the undisputed favorites in combinations. New trends draw attention to peach, lilac, and pale blue colors.

  • Emphasis on brightness. Preference for pink, green, blue, or acid shades, multi-colored laces. They make sneakers look fresh and expressive.

  • Graffiti story prints on shoes will attract the attention of others. Painted sneakers and trainers are trendy now.

  • 80s sneakers. They are best combined with bright or knitted socks; they are worn under bell-bottomed jeans or an oversized coat.

  • Rough, chunky, grooved, and high sole will make any look unique and unusual.

Which color is best for sneakers?

White sneakers

If the latest trends in women's sneakers suggested bright and juicy colors, it is better to choose softer shades in the fall. However, do not ignore the funny coloring options. Look for inspiration in one dominant color, or choose a combination of several that will allow your sneakers to add the final accent to your look.

White sneakers are suitable for those who prefer classics, white fashion sneakers are suitable, and they are equally good for men and women. In the new season, many brands offer clean, strict lines and laconic white. You can pair these versatile shoes with dresses, trousers, and layered outfits.

Trend sneakers multicolor rainbow. Not sure which color to choose? Don't hold back and grab the multi-colored ones. According to designers, there are no overly bright sneakers and juicy shades, their unexpected combinations and multicolored images lift the mood and push the boundaries. Multicolor latest trends in women's sneakers will help grab attention.

Sneakers pastel and nude shades. Delicate sneakers bring back a joyful mood and summer drive. Pastel colors, delicate combinations of pale blue, turquoise, beige, and lilac will make life a little brighter. Look for these shades in our sneakers store to always look trendy.

What kind of sneaker designs are in fashion?

Anyone who hates tying their shoelaces can rejoice at the velcro trend. These comfortable clasps are featured in the collections of many popular brands. Pair these with short toes to create the illusion of barefoot sneakers. Or, conversely, with long, printed socks for a trendy look. If you want to look stunning, catch more sneakers trending ideas:

High-top sneakers. High-top sneakers are returning to the catwalks in triumph. They come in a variety of colours, chic designer logos and bold prints. These sneakers are especially suitable for men.

AQUA Platform Sneakers

High-top sneakers

Futuristic sneakers. In the process of evolution from the gym to the fashionable catwalk, sneakers became pretentious and spectacular. Designers entirely used their creativity in mixing textures and materials, shapes and decoration. The result is a platform sneaker with a thin curly sole and made from sustainable and recycled materials. These are no longer trivial shoes but an opportunity to increase your fashion status and keep abreast of sneaker news.


Nike sneakers

Chunky trendy sneakers. Oversized sneakers have been the undisputed favorites of the past few seasons and remain in trend. Thanks to using the latest vulcanized materials, the manufacturers manage to make massive sneakers lightweight and comfortable to use.


Chunky trendy sneakers

Classic design. Many eminent fashion designers are actively promoting Mom and Dad Sneakers. Bright and comfortable, they seem to have come off old photos. Modern interpretations of retro classics are most often represented by minimalist sneakers and trainers inspired by the last century’s sporty models and ballet flats. The classic models of white sneakers, converse, and vans do not go out of fashion.


Classic design sneakers

Glitter sneakers. The shiny texture is placed in fragments in the form of sparkling inserts, or the entire sneaker is covered with glitter, except the sole. Beautiful models are combined with absolutely any clothing.


GBG Los Angeles



Glitter sneakers


Sock sneakers. The outsole of these trendy sneakers is paired with a snug fit in a rubberized stretch material. The upper elastic provides extra density and prevents slipping. It’s perfect for a clean design. At most, they are decorated with a logo.


Sock sneakers

Metallic spring fashion trend. Metallic shine is observed in the famous collections of famous brands. It is a solid colour model with a silver, gold or pink hue. They perfectly suit casual street style with jeans, skirts, or dresses. Besides, these sneakers will become a fashionable addition to the manly and female look.

It looks like the popularity of oversized sneakers won't go away in the coming years. Only the subtleties in the design of such shoes change. Nowadays, voluminous platforms and a relatively neat top are in demand. The love for this sample’s sneakers is also explained by the fact that they look incredible visually and are comfortable to wear, and not make you much taller. 

Whether you are a fan of chunky sneakers or a classic sporty style, there is sure to be a pair for you that will blow your mind. Fashion designers suggest abandoning shoes and boots in favor of sneakers. Fresh models replace old favorites, and there are always a couple of ideas destined to become cult among them.