How to Decorate the Interior with Vases?

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Flowers have always been considered the best gift for any occasion, and besides, they are simply incredible decor, and the whole composition will become a stylish addition to the room in any interior solution. But modern vases are used not only for flowers but also for decoration.

Vases in the interior are primarily decorations that do not always carry a functional meaning. Beautiful vases for the house’s interior can simply decorate the room so that residents can admire them as objects of art. Designers are always advised to imagine how this or that vase will look in your interior before buying. And of course, one of the main rules is that you should combine a vase with everything that surrounds it and fit in style.

Types of Decorative Vases

Vases vary in shape and material. The shape of the vase depends on how it will be used. There are vases for flowers, fruits, tall decorative vases, urn vases, rectangular, cylindrical. Accordingly, if flowers will be placed in a vase, they will most likely be of an elongated shape with high edges. If fruits are put in a vase, they will be wide and with low edges so that you can grab the fruit lying in it.

Form vases for decoration are:

  • Fantasy (with convex and embossed patterns)
  • Thematic (with a historical bias)
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Materials for Vases are:

  • Pottery. Ceramic vases were considered a luxury item even in ancient times. People used them to decorate the palaces of kings and wealthy people. Nowadays, ceramic vases are decorated with glaze and special paints. Besides, ceramic floor decorative vases are great for interior decoration.
  • Porcelain is a type of ceramic that attracts with its whiteness and glossy glaze. This is also a very ancient material used to decorate only the palaces of China’s emperors, and only in the 18th century was porcelain brought to Europe. Nowadays, porcelain tall decorative vases are used in theatres, museums, apartments, and offices; they give the interior a luxurious look.
  • Glass is also an ancient material that is widely used in our time. Decorative glass vases tint, make transparent, shiny, or matte. It is convenient to create an abstract vase from glass since this material takes any given shape. Glass vases are usually painted with paints, decorated with carvings or figured images.
  • Stone. In our time, vases are made most often from durable and inexpensive polystone. It can be painted in any color and covered with paintings or carvings.
  • Metall. The most inexpensive and most practical vases are made of it. In a modern interior, this material is very common. It is covered with enamel and paint of any color. It serves for a long time and pleases the eye.
  • Wood is an antique material available for every wallet, as well as for every family. If children or pets live in the apartment, they will never break the wooden floor decorative vases.

Decorative Vases Ideas

Before buying a vase, you need to mentally imagine the one that is suitable for your interior, how it will look, and exactly where it will stand.

  1. For a small space, it is best to choose decorative glass vases. Through it, you can see the other side of the room, which will visually increase the space.
  2. If the vase itself is big, then you need to put it in a corner so that it is less likely to break or scratch.
  3. It is better not to put a vase in the center of the room. Firstly, this way, it will last longer from damage, and secondly, it will not immediately catch the eye but will become a natural part of the interior.
  4. Floor decorative vases emphasize the room’s sophistication and are placed, of course, on the floor. Smaller vases are usually placed on elevated surfaces. You should not put a large number of other objects around the vase.
  5. Small vases will look harmonious on a shelf between books. You can put wildflowers in such a vessel or even not fill it at all, leaving only the function of decoration.
  6. You can place medium-sized vases on top of the cabinet. The thickets look especially exquisite on small dressers and low cabinets. Use your decorative vases ideas.

Ideas for Filling Decorative Vases

decorative vases ideas

If a dog or cat lives in the house, you can fill tall decorative vases with sand. Then it will be difficult to knock it over. By the way, if the vase is costly, it is better not to pour sand into it. In this case, you need to put special supports that will fix the vase and prevent it from falling.

A vase usually complements an already established interior style, so it is worth changing the vase’s contents every month. In addition to the obvious colors, you can put in a vase:

  • Seashells and beach pebbles during the hot summer months.
  • For Christmas, put spruce branches decorated with toys in it.
  • You can also arrange gems in a vase, which will ward off troubles from the house residents.
  • For guests’ arrival, it is customary to fill the vases with fruit. 
  • In the winter months, you can put nuts, fir cones or Christmas tree decorations in the vase.

How to Choose the Right Vase?

The color of the vase should match the color of the entire room. For example, if the room is painted beige, then the vase should be that color or a couple of shades darker. For a green room, a white vase or a light version with a light green tint is suitable.

  • White vases for decoration are a win-win option. This color will suit any room, so if you have doubts about which color to choose, then you can safely buy a white vase. A white vase can be creamy, milky, ivory, mother-of-pearl. It does not have to be snow white.
  • Do not be afraid of interesting vases of unusual shapes: they can suit a retro chest of drawers and a new high-tech refrigerator. The main thing is that the vase does not stand out in color, and its style can be any.
  • It is important to note that tall decorative vases should not be too light. If the material is still light, it is worth pouring more sand into such a vase.

Vase type

What is Interesting

Hi-tech style

This chrome-plated vessel is most often white or black. Such vases look good on a shelf or a table in the living room. They add rigour and clarity to space.

Classic style

A classic vase is considered a simple oblong vessel, slightly convex at the bottom and with a tapering neck. Such vases can be white and hand-painted; most often, it is made from ceramics. It is imperative to put a bouquet of fresh flowers in a classic vase.

Minimalist style

A vessel with a minimum of decorations, transparent and not wide, sometimes with clear geometric shapes. An accessory in the minimalism style does not always have a practical function: you can not put flowers in it, but use this modern vase simply as a decoration of the room.

Tips for Decorating Vases

  • Low flowers look more attractive in vases, jugs, glasses, amphoras. They are suitable for snowdrops, lilies of the valley, primroses.
  • Ceramic jugs and earthenware pots go well with wildflowers.
  • Glass flasks are suitable for tulips, freesias, irises.
  • Vases made of metal and ceramics go well with large buds and voluminous compositions, such as roses or peonies.
  • For vibrant plants, it's always best to find a calm and solid vase when it comes to color.
  • The vase is beautiful both in itself and with flowers. But if you need to emphasize the vessel itself, you should choose some unusual bouquet for it, stylish roses in calm pastel colors.
  • But for a black vase, on the contrary, it is better to order flowers in bright shades of red, yellow, purple, orange.
  • Handmade vases can be called designer vases. They serve to decorate the room and place the right accents in it. Such a vessel does not look empty: it is worth placing at least one flower in it. 

Choose the right beautiful vases that will help decorate your home, and then there will be a new reason to buy a bouquet. After all, a pleasant floral scent always serves as an incredible decoration for any home.


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