How to Choose Window Curtains Correctly?

Window curtains 2021

Windows curtains are an essential element of any room interior. They fulfill their functional purpose, protect against daylight penetration, and decorate the space from an aesthetic perspective.

Trendy curtains can become a bright accent of the interior due to contrasting shades and textures. They can harmoniously fit into an already designed space, emphasizing its main advantages and hiding disadvantages.

Textiles play an important role in the design, even small changes that can transform the entire interior. Modern curtains are a significant part of the interior, and transforming a living room or bedroom with their help will significantly contribute to the decor of the entire room.

Today it is very popular to decorate apartments in modern styles, including minimalism, functionalism, hi-tech, Japanese style, eclecticism, contemporary, loft, or Scandinavian. Despite the huge number of differences, they are all characterized by simplicity, brevity, moderation, and practicality and require minimal curtain decor for the living room. So, modern curtain design is mainly focused on the product’s functionality and not on its aesthetics.

how to choose window curtains

Selection Rules Trendy Curtains

Choosing trendy curtains is a responsible occupation that allows you to transform the entire interior. A well-chosen color and print, texture, and fabric can both improve and ruin the whole design. Before you start choosing modern curtains, you should think about what result you want to get at the end of the work.

Designers recommend adhering to a single rule for all existing styles. If the walls are decorated in one color without a pattern, then the use of curtains with a pattern is allowed, and if, on the contrary, the walls have a pattern, then the curtains should only be monochromatic. In the right hands, any type of curtains is capable of creating the most incredible combinations.

For the decoration of windows in a modern design, leading manufacturers of curtains offer various fabrics in which various styles are created, using interesting ideas in their design. Popular among modern curtains, there are such types of them as Roman blinds, Japanese, curtains on hinges, on eyelets, roller blinds, curtains in the hold. As for color, with the right approach, you can combine warm and cold tones in the same interior. The most important thing is to choose tones similar in saturation, and then you can play with different colors.

Colour and Design Windows Curtains

The main feature of a modern interior is consistency. Each item should have its place, including curtains. It is essential not to forget about minimalism, which gave rise to the demanded modernity. Its features are weightlessness, lightness, and simplicity. There should be nothing extra in it, especially overly dark objects and any minor details. Art Nouveau curtains should be perfectly straight and flawless. Variants on grommets or bay windows are quite common.

It is recommended to choose curtains in a modern style as laconic and strict as possible. The laconic style welcomes the use of delicate creamy shades of peach, ivory, milk chocolate, and beige. But you can also use saturated bright colors, just so that they do not burden the interior.

The right color scheme can solve the problem of organizing space and create the most comfortable atmosphere in the room. The simplest solution is to make the interior monochrome and match the curtains to the color of the walls. However, such a room runs the risk of being boring. Choose curtains for the living room in the following colors to make your room look stylish:

  • White curtains are an absolute hit of recent times, which will look perfect in a room with all kinds of colors. Many shades of white, which you can dilute with an interesting pattern, can refresh any space.
  • Black curtains always look stylish. Such a design does not look gloomy: it is recommended to combine black curtains with light canvases. In this case, the material is also of great importance. For example, curtains made of shiny black fabric will look nobler than matte curtains.
  • Menthol curtains are the trend of this year. Curtains in the shade of neo-mint will perfectly complement the light interior.

Features of the Choice of Curtains for a Modern Style

modern window curtains

You need to choose the right modern curtains so that they are light for small rooms. Translucent models are an excellent choice. But the spacious rooms allow you to use a wide variety of options for modern curtains. Curtains with a fairly large pattern are suitable here.

  • You must certainly combine curtains in a modern style with the color scheme of the walls. This option implies the presence of a pattern on the curtains, which should also be appropriate. Geometric prints or floral ornaments are often used to make the room original.
  • The modern style of curtains must combine functionality and comfort and the decorative component. Curtains must fulfill their main function of preventing sunlight penetration.
  • It is quite simple to choose curtains in a modern style solution since modern has gained recognition and popularity worldwide. The main rule is to follow simple advice. Only then the room’s design will turn out to be complete, harmonious, beautiful, and comfortable. You should heed the advice of experts who work with design every day and know exactly how to create a unique and inimitable interior.

What Curtains to Choose for the Bedroom?

When choosing the type of curtains for bedrooms, the windows’ location and the general layout are decisive. If the bedroom is exclusively for sleeping, functional roller blinds or blackout curtains will be the best option. These curtains are easy to use.

If you want something more lush but lean towards short options, English or Austrian curtains will become a sophisticated bedroom decoration. If necessary, you can easily combine them with roller blinds.

Depending on the room’s interior, the curtains can be either straight plain fabrics on the eyelets or lush curtains with beautiful drapery and tie-back. Compositions of canvases of two colors will also look attractive.

What is the Best Fabric for Curtains?

fabric for window curtains

The material for modern curtains can be of the most varied glossy-smooth or spectacular textured. If the room is modest in size, then the first option is perfect. It is better to choose the second option for a large-sized living room. Do not forget that modern style is multifaceted, so it is permissible to use curtains with drawings. It is important to observe moderation here so that the interior does not come out too pretentious and tasteless.

  • Modern designers offer an unlimited selection of fabrics for fashionable curtains. Curtains from natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, bamboo, silk, and satin, and more practical synthetic materials are also in trend.
  • Adherents of eco-style should pay attention to linen curtains. This material reliably protects against the penetration of sunlight. The use of this fabric is also welcomed in grotesque and Scandinavian styles. Linen is a durable fiber that does not lose its texture and color even after many washes. The same benefits are inherent in bamboo fiber curtains.
  • Silk is no less exciting textile. Silk curtains look very light and airy, do not overload the space. Plus, silk curtains are very durable.
  • Synthetic materials such as polyester or acrylic are usually combined with natural fabrics. The result is beautiful and durable curtains with an exciting texture.

The trend of using curtains with a pattern or large print has gained particular popularity this year. Leading designers recommend the following options:

  • Tropical and geometric pattern.
  • Strip.
  • Polka dots.
  • Vertical gradient.

Window decoration with such a novelty can make your interior exclusive, but you need to use this design technique carefully. Printed curtains will look best in a calm interior, not overloaded with drawings and patterns.

Curtain Design Trends

The simplicity of design and material is the main trend of this year. When choosing fashionable curtains, pay attention to laconic models without lush draperies and gathers.

Functionality is the most important quality of curtains this season. Give preference to curtains made of easy-to-clean materials. When choosing, consider the location of the room, its illumination, and size.

The following types of curtains will fit into a modern interior:

  • Classic.
  • Romantic French model.
  • Roman curtains.
  • Japanese curtains.

Of course, when choosing a model, be guided by the general style of your interior.

Use your advice, and don't be afraid to experiment while creating your home interior. Consider fashion trends and functionality to get a modern design. But it is equally important that you manage to create coziness.


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