How to Decorate Your Home from Scratch?

How to decorate your home

So you are on your way to a new life that you start in a recently purchased home. Or maybe you have decided to freshen things up and transform the design of your home. It does not matter because our home decoration ideas are suitable for anyone who wants to create unique modern decor for their home. Today we will open the concept of the art of decor from a new side with simpler and more understandable words, so you can find the necessary balance of proportions of free space and decor.

Regardless of whether you like a more traditional or unusual style, you are more relaxed or more formal in design, etc., our article will preserve your character in every room and at the same time help decorate your living space with the trend ideas and decorations of 2021. Believe us, you can perform your home into a place where you can feel comfortable and cozy even with only one of our decor tips.

Design is coming to grips with one's real lifestyle, one's a real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one's well-being.” — Albert Hadley, an American interior designer and decorator.

Figure out your decorating style

how figure out your decorating style

The first thing you need to face is the foundation and the basis of the decor - style. You can stick to harmony and use the same interior style as for the house's exterior. Or you can choose one of the decorating styles that we provide with examples below.

  • Transitional. This is the most common decor style for homes that combines both modern and traditional styles. This option is most used to update old house styles, like colonial or Victorian, or warming up a new-construction home. Distinctive features of this style are neutral colors with a shift in emphasis towards earthy reds, sages, and olive greens, as well as dark wood and stone. As an idea of ​​home decoration, you can purchase the Hotel Collection Contour King Duvet for your bedroom and decorate the wall decor along with the rest of the space with pleasant white and gray tones and by placing a dark wood chest of drawers next to your bed.

  • Modern. This style of decorating is replete with interior designing ideas that differ in clean lines. Compared to other styles, it has a clear structure, moderate functionalism, simplicity, and conciseness of forms, overflowing with expressive colors. In modern home decor, minimalist furniture can be put near to wall decor from loft bricks or bright Art Deco decor as well as bright wooden floors and countertops. For example, for a kitchen with light wood and white countertops, the Kate Spade New York Harbor Drive 90" Runner might be right, bringing brightness to the overall atmosphere.

  • Contemporary. Ideas of home decoration in this style are mostly minimal and without wall decor. Here, soft shapes for furniture and colors like black, white, or gray without bright shades suit best. This is the calmest and at the same time cold style for some, since instead of wood, more metal and glass things are used here. For example, the living room’s main decoration ideas will include tables such as the Cellar 2-Tier Round Server and Martha Stewart Curtain Panels to maintain a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Farmhouse. This decoration style is gaining popularity due to the comfort and hospitality it fills the home with. Thanks to vintage or antique ideas of antique store design that are easy to transfer into your home decoration. For this, you need slipcovered wicker furniture for low maintenance and decoration ideas for the living room like Curtain Sunflower Garden Tier & Valance Set with some wall decor like Congo Sunset Macrame Wall Hanging.

“Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love,” —  Nate Berkus, an American interior designer.

Discover new interior designing ideas

interior designing ideas

Once you have decided on a style, you should prioritize rooms that require new decor. We recommend that you prioritize the rooms where you spend the most time. For example, you can apply decorations ideas first for a living room or bathroom.

1. Combine light and dark. Of course, this idea does not always suit all styles, but some of them require balance. For example, if dark tones dominate in your bedroom, then you can gently lighten the space with the Hotel Collection Crystalle Standard Sham Bedding. If white dominates, then you can accentuate it with the Black Duvet Cover. Thus, you will deprive the room of a dark cave's image and vice versa, too inaccessible clean and light fortress.

2. Try to contrast. After applying dynamism to the decor color, you can balance the hues, including contrasting neutrals to make it feel rich and welcoming. This can be done with a variety of wall decor and curtains like the Prima Velvet Window Curtain Plum Set. The main thing is to create a contrast that will saturate the room with a shift in accents.

3. Do not forget about the texture. The fact is that when looking for ideas of home decoration, we often focus only on the combination of colors, although the texture of objects also influences the appearance. You should diversify the decorations' textures with the help of materials such as leather, cotton, wool, metal, stone, glass, plant life, and many other textures on your desire to emphasize a particular style of the room and make it cozier. Ideas about pillows decoration like for living room are an excellent solution where you can start. Firstly, they are not expensive, and secondly, with the help of the new pillow material, you will definitely transform the whole interior palette into a creative space. Thus, choosing softly woven cotton with interesting ornaments like the Sky Sierra Standard Pillowcase will add more softness to space, which is great for modern home decor.

4. Add some patterns. The pattern is one of the most powerful design tools that can complement missing colors to create a harmonious living environment. It also helps to minimize the appearance of stains or wear. For example, you can place the accent rug Nourison Persiana and the unusual shower curtain Decor Studio La Dolce in the bathroom, either separately or together. In any way, you will get a great idea for decorating this room.

5. Take advantage of small decorations. In most cases, we fill the interior with designing ideas that include only global decorations. And in these cases, people can think that the room is too spacious. If you have the same thoughts, then smaller decorations can help you fill the free space. It does not matter what exactly you will complement. The main thing is that there are combinations of colors that look the most comfortable for you. For example, it can be such items as Welcome Doormat at the entrance, Picture Frame with your photo for wall decor, adorable Laundry Tote, The Cellar Graphic Infuser with an interesting inscription, Pet Cuddler if you have animals at home, and so on. It all depends on your imagination.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.” — Scott Adams, the artist and creator of the Dilbert comic strip.

Do not worry if you do not succeed in the initial idea of ​​your decoration space. This is the result that awaits you in 99% of cases. Trying for perfect order can take a lot of your energy. But at the same time, you can accept and embrace controlled chaos by becoming akin to where you live. Play with the composition, changing the location of objects, depending on your tastes and needs, experiment with styles, and most importantly - make mistakes. 

Now you are ready and know how to decorate your home from scratch. Do not forget to save our article, so you can follow our step-by-step guide every time you have fresh ideas for home decoration again.

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