What Dresses To Wear To The Club?

Clubwear for girls is sexy, bold, and even extravagant. In addition, this is not surprising, while visiting such a place; you want to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, the clothes for going to the club should be slightly different from those intended for daily use.

Of course, you can consider completely different options for style, length, and design. Club fashion allows you to wear dresses decorated with rhinestones, sequins, or beads. However, remember that combining all this in one outfit is simply contraindicated. When choosing dresses for the party with such bright elements, do not forget about the sense of taste, otherwise, you can turn from a "stylish girl" into a laughing-stock.

Club fashion

In all the variety of dress choices, the most advantageous option is, of course, the "little black dress". It will be appropriate at any event and in any weather. Diluting the ensemble with stylish accessories, even such a seemingly ordinary dress can become the center of attention.

Depending on the type of figure, variations with skirts are possible. You can give preference to the usual classic cut. Owners of a not ideal figure can safely wear bandage dresses using drapery. Using accessories in contrasting shades will help you create a complete look with a solid color dress. 

Choose the best womens’ party dresses

For young girls, there are almost no prohibitions in club outfits, because youth is the time when you need to wear the most daring, frank, and trendy things. A good figure is a guarantee that any dress will fit perfectly, but even with imperfect shapes, you can choose a suitable outfit.

Although there are no rules in women’s party dresses, it is important to observe an unspoken dress code: 

  • sporty outfits that are too revealing or, on the contrary, too boring are prohibited. 
  • the ideal choice would be a short dress or a set of top/blouse/T-shirt and skirt or shorts.
  • heels are traditionally chosen for the club, but stylish sneakers will also be an excellent choice if they are combined with a tight-fitting dress and a short skirt.

You can pick up a stylish mini skirt made of leather or other noticeable texture in the club, and combine it with a translucent blouse, white T-shirt, stylish top, and even a blazer.

At a young age, you can safely wear a mini, since on young girls’ short woman party dress does not look vulgar, but harmonious.

Fit dresses for slender girls, short skirts with tops and blouses, skinny pants, even shorts with a high waist and sequins. We do not recommend wearing baby-dollar styles as a woman party dress at the age of 30+, as they are only suitable for very young girls under 25 years old. Choose form-fitting mini and midi-length dresses, belted or peplum skirts, leather pants, and sequined tops.

Do not be afraid to look spectacular, regardless of your body type! Colors, textures, and styles!

Danielle Bernstein Satin MIDI Dress

womens’ party dresses

Select only trendy club party dresses

The favorite "club" color of many girls is black. This color is considered ideal for the evening, as it looks luxurious and expensive. Sequins look impressive on black dresses for a party, which makes them even more popular.

Pay attention to other colors that look good in club lighting:

  • white will attract attention to you;
  • fuchsia will make the image juicy;
  • burgundy and emerald look expensive;
  • yellow, orange, and blue - trendy and modern.

Combine several shades in one club party dress, but no more than three, so as not to create an overly colorful look. It is also important to remember that pastels are not suitable for a club. Light colors are ideal for a daytime event, and in the surroundings of nightlife, they will look unorganized.

You can wear a club party dress with the most complex and pretentious textures to the club:

  • metalized shine, 
  • glossy leather, 
  • latex, 
  • vinyl, 
  • sequins,
  • mesh,
  • velvet, and fur - all this can be used in bright looks.
trendy club party dresses

Consider cloth that suits the figure, for slim girls: tight-fitting dresses, shorts, tight trousers - anything that looks seductive will fit 100%; for curvaceous girls, everything that emphasizes their curves and hides flaws will be the best.  Nevertheless, do not overdo it with frankness and decor, so as not to look ridiculous.

Fashion bloggers and celebrities choose a balance between frankness and modesty and therefore combine black dresses for a party with shoes on a low run. This technique allows you to make your look not only sexy but also expensive and luxurious.

It is customary for the club to wear the trendiest accessories that are not always appropriate in everyday life. Miniature clutches and bags of unusual shape with rhinestones, sequins, bugles, and rivets - choose trendy models as an accent piece or complement to an image. 


Tips on how to choose party club dresses for women

Today at the peak of popularity as party club dresses for women are tops made of leather or decorated with romantic lace. Girls who prefer business style can replace an office blouse with a similar cut, but, for example, made of translucent chiffon.

  • The main thing is to maintain balance in the whole image. So, for example, it is not recommended to combine an overly bright blouse with the same trousers or skirt. There may be a bright thing in the party club dresses for women, but one!
  • Modern fashion offers very stylish tops of acid shades with inserts of translucent material. A similar item, of course, can be in a girl's wardrobe. However, the owners of magnificent forms are better off abandoning such "dangerous" clothes, and choose something less "flashy". Chubby beauties should also not choose models with straps. Such a thing can highlight fat arms, thereby completely distracting attention from the décolleté area.
  • When choosing the top of a women's set, you should give preference to products made from natural materials. As you know, synthetic fabric is unbreathable, which can cause a lot of inconveniences in a club.
  • The chosen cloth for going to the club should not hinder your movements, it is very important to pay attention to this before leaving the house. Otherwise, the rest will be accompanied by a constant feeling of discomfort.
  • Along with trousers and shorts, overalls act today. This model is already a complete set. However, it leaves room for correction and imagination, for example, a belt at the waist or a light jacket can form a completely individual ensemble.
  • Leather leggings are still among the most popular nightclub pants. Models imitating black leather are perfectly combined with a top of any shade. Club fashion for women allows the use of jeans. Skinny, or classic models can be easily included in a set for going to the club. Complementing everyday models with a stylish belt, you can create a completely new look.

Danielle Bernstein Mini Dress

Best club outfits tips 

While choosing club outfits, avoid wearing a very short dress, especially if it is flesh-colored. It looks not aesthetically pleasing, but even vulgar, besides, an outfit of this color can merge with the skin tone, visually exposing its owner.

  • Denim pants and shorts are the perfect clothes to wear to the club, but they need the right company. 
  • Crop top, T-shirt with sequins, T-shirt with a daring inscription or provocative picture - choose the most daring, bright, and decorated clothes in your wardrobe, because they are perfect for the club.
  • When choosing a dress, pay attention to options in bright colors, with decor and sequins. Things with shiny textures look also great in the club. 
  • It is better not to wear a revealing dress. Mini models with a deep neckline and an open back look vulgar. Candid outfits are acceptable but choose one thing - open shoulders, neckline, or back.
  • Shoes in the general set play a huge role, with the right selection. They can become the center of attention, and otherwise, on the contrary, spoil the whole appearance. When choosing shoes as club outfits, in addition to stylish combinations, you should remember about your comfort.

A high heel can add elegance to the leg and visually lengthen the figure. However, for a long stay in shoes, it is better to exclude models with high heels. Shoes on a stable platform can be considered to replace the heel. Such models are no worse than hairpins, on the contrary, in addition to a stylish attractive appearance; they can give comfort to their owner.

Modern fashion trends allow you to wear sneakers or converse to the club. The variety of this type of footwear can satisfy the desire of any fashionista. Sets with stylish sneakers are very comfortable and very interesting to others.

The variety of accessories allows girls to create individual and very attractive looks. To draw attention to lush hair, it is suggested to use various hairpins and bright headbands.

It is not necessary to choose dark, saturated colors; on the contrary, juicy, bold shades will make the image brighter, more trendy, and attractive. Pink, yellow, light blue, blue - dresses, blouses, skirts, and suits in these shades will make you look irresistible. 

What is better not to wear?

Even though there is no specific dress code in the clubs, there are some clothes that we do not recommend to wear to parties. Things not for the club:

  •  formal suits and other business-style clothing;
  • evening maxi dresses;
  • sportswear (hoodies, sweatpants, shorts, sweatshirts);
  • closed dresses of deep midi length;
  • dresses, blouses, skirts in a small floral print;
  • neutral casual clothes;
  •  large bags;
  •  boots;
  •  slippers, sundresses, and other beachwear.

It is also important to look appropriately at your age. On women 35+, a short leather skirt will look vulgar and cheap, and on a 25-year-old girl, it will look stylish and fashionable. We hope, now you know how to dress in a club to look stylish!


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