How to Choose the Best Outfits for First Birthday Girl and Boy

Best Outfits for First Birthday

The first 12 months have passed, and an exciting moment has come: the first birthday. Of course, every mom wants her child to be beautiful as this is a very special day, which you will remember with pleasure.

Therefore, the question of how to celebrate the first birthday begins to worry parents long before the event itself. First, you need to figure out how and where you plan to celebrate one year, what dishes you will serve, and what dresses to wear to make the celebration interesting and fun.

You can celebrate the first birthday of a child in different ways: arrange a lavish banquet or a quiet family evening, a home party with relatives, or an outside-themed celebration in nature with friends. In any case, parents want to see their baby in a bright, memorable way. How to choose an outfit and jewelry for girls and boys so that both the child feels comfortable and the mothers and fathers are satisfied? Read our tips below. 

Outfits for the Girl’s First Birthday

A dress for the first birthday should be beautiful and comfortable at the same time. After all, the baby will have to spend a long time celebrating their birthday, playing, and having fun. The appropriate option is chosen depending on the season and the girl's temperament.


The outfits for the first birthday girl are clothes and the first step into the world of style and fashion. Not surprisingly, the girl tends to wear bright outfits. However, already at this age, it is necessary to develop a sense of taste.

Outfits for the Girl’s First Birthday

When choosing a dress for the first birthday of a girl, consider the child’s age first.

All the details, the design of the outfit are important. However, the safety and health of the baby should be a priority.

It is better not to use:

  • fasteners, 
  • buttons, 
  • beads, 
  • rhinestones. 

Such small details come off easily, and the child will certainly pull them into the mouth.

The same rule applies to various ropes and ribbons. Yes, they are beautiful, but the baby can be entangled in them, step and fall. If there is a bow, flower, or belt on the dress, check how firmly it is made. In addition, during the holiday, you need to check their strength. Give preference to soft, natural fabrics.

Materials of the Birthday Outfits for Kids

Materials that are not breathable can provoke irritations, allergies, and prickly heat in the child. Pay attention to the density of the outfits for the first girl’s birthday. It must be suitable for the weather conditions. Do not risk buying a dress for a one-year-old girl in which she can overheat just for a beautiful photo.

The outfit must fit the size. A small dress will cause discomfort and restrict movement. Moreover, in a big dress, the child will look ridiculous.

Many mothers choose a real princess outfit for their little daughters. In addition, it remains the most relevant among all proposals. What could be more beautiful than a little girl in a fluffy ball gown?

Themed kids’ birthday outfits are no less popular. They are bought or ordered when a birthday is being prepared in a certain style. So that all the details correspond to the chosen theme, and the same outfit is chosen for the child.


Materials of the Birthday Outfits for Kids

The Birthday Outfits for Kids will Depend on the Imagination of the Parents:

  • little bees in chic yellow dresses with polka dots,
  • butterflies in rainbow outfits,
  • Minnie Mouses with cute headbands with ears,
  • ladybugs in red suits with black polka dots - it's problematic to choose a ready-made outfit that matches the theme.


Matching dresses for mother and daughter look charming. In addition, you cannot just choose a model close to the adult style, but find the same type of dresses for mom and daughter.

Imagine what a furor such a family look will make at the holiday!

If you decide to buy a comfortable dress for your daughter in the A-line silhouette, choose printed models. The coloring and drawing will make an ordinary dress elegant and festive.

You can choose classic drawings with stripes, flowers, or with the image of your favorite cartoon characters, thematic images.

Outfits for the First Birthday Boy

Outfits for the First Birthday Boy

When choosing a suit for a boy for one year, focus on comfort. Parents usually consider the safety and appearance of the birthday outfits for kids as the most crucial issue. However, an active child in an uncomfortable suit will quickly and hopelessly ruin it.

The costumes for children, imitating adult models, look great, and the children look cute in them.


An important factor when choosing outfits for the first boy’s birthday is its quality. Choose a style that is appropriate for your age. For one-year-old boys, choose models that will not restrain movements.


It should be convenient for a child in such clothes to jump, crawl, and run. A festive ensemble can consist of shorts and a shirt. It can be supplemented with an original vest.


It is best to buy trousers and a long-sleeved shirt in winter and combine it with a knitted jacket.


More Tips on Choosing the Outfit for the First Boy’s Birthday:

  • The most favorite idea for outfits for a first boy’s birthday is still the image of a little gentleman. How handsome a baby is in a suit with a vest and an unbuttoned jacket!
  • Do not forget that the fabric must be soft and hypoallergenic. In addition, you can complement the image with a bow tie and a handkerchief in a pocket.
  • Retro suits look cool and unusual. A set of linen pants, a shirt with short sleeves, a bow tie, and an original cap will help you get into the era of the century before last.
  • Another original option is a suit in ethnic style. However, it is perfect for themed holidays. A little Indian or bullfighter will become the center of attention of all those present at the holiday.
  • If you are planning an enormous banquet in honor of the anniversary, consider the option of a tailcoat. Such an outfit will always be the most solemn and festive.
  • Remember, the child can stain even the most solemn kids’ birthday outfits at any time.
  • It is better to be ready and, at an unpredictable moment, quickly change festive clothes that are more casual and comfortable for the baby.


The kids’ birthday outfits will not only pleasantly amaze guests with their appearance but will allow your boy to pose happily in front of the photographer, as well as take part in games.


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