How to Choose Jeans for Men?

Jeans are the most common attribute in men's wardrobe, so it is very important to choose them correctly. The key factor in choosing them is the reason for which you are going to wear them. It can be a job that needs a more formal look where cut-out jeans are unlikely to work. Or maybe you are going to put jeans on as soon as you slip out of the suit in the evening, so you should take care of the material that will keep your body warm for a long time.

Jeans for Men Summer 2021

However, some men can be intimidated and confused by jeans' variety, making it difficult for them to choose. Over the past decade, men's denim trends have expanded, and new types of jeans such as straight-leg, skinny, boot-cut, or tapered jeans have taken root in fashion. They have multiplied the chances of opening up to new images, while earlier, with their help, it was possible to create only one or two. And at the same time, their numbers created chaos in the eyes of men. Therefore, our article will tell you about each type in more detail so that you can determine for yourself exactly the pair of jeans that will delight you and fit for the events you need.

"Fashion is mysterious, as a rule. Why are blue jeans a classic? You just hit on something that happens to be timeless and right." - Diane von Furstenberg is a Belgian fashion designer.

The Main Types of Jeans for Men

To understand which jeans are the most suitable for you, you should carefully consider men's denim trends. You can try on hundreds of pairs and find the only one, but waste a lot of time, or read the list below, with the indicated recommendations, and make your task much easier. Today in the fashion world you can find such basic types of jeans as:

  • Skinny-fit jeans. This type of men’s jeans means skinny from the waist to the ankle. They will give your outfit more style by accentuating the shape of your thighs and calves but won't add much mobility. Also, they are not advised to be worn by guys who are overweight, as they may be too tight. Preferably skinny fit men's jeans are worn during weekend events or on evening walks. Since they completely adhere to the leg, it is better not to wear them on hot days so as not to create stuffiness.
  • Tapered jeans. Choosing this pair of jeans will make you feel at ease as they are comfortable at the thigh but are tapered towards the ankle. This look has become very popular with men with a larger waist and hips. They are considered to be a great middle-ground between slim and skinny fit. Tapered men's jeans are great for neat and not chunky shoes and can create a unique look for any event, regardless of the season.
Types of Jeans for Men
  • Straight-leg jeans. This pair of men’s jeans is versatile and fits every body shape, and goes well with just about any kind of shoe. Such jeans type usually corresponds to the wearer's natural waist, narrowed below the knee but not close to the body, which makes it freer than other ones. Straight-leg men's jeans are perfect for those who want a simple and classic look in their everyday look. All denim brands produce models in this category.
  • Boot-cut jeans. At the moment, many people avoid boot-cut men's jeans, as it is believed that the fashion for them has passed. However, those who like to stand out from the crowd can create an extraordinary vintage look with a combination of other clothes from the 70s when this look was especially popular. In the regular model, these jeans, starting from the knee, reach the same width as at the hips.

Lucky Brand Men's Jeans

"I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes." - Yves Saint Laurent, French fashion designer.

Trending Looks with Jeans for Men Summer 2021

With the onset of summer, fashion becomes more relaxed, informal. Designers appreciate the comfort and simplicity of the cut. Therefore, the trend is Bermuda shorts, wide light trousers, bright T-shirts. Among the many ideas for summer looks, we also highlight five hot trends:

  • Safari-style with a relaxed fit, many pockets, light colors. A good option for outdoor activities in hot summer.
  • Fashion for white. Avoid creating a mono image, complement the silhouette with bright elements. For example, wear elongated white shorts with a bright shirt or a white T-shirt with skinny fit men’s jeans.
  • This summer, multi-colored lightweight shirts will create serious competition for the usual T-shirts because they have no less comfort and give the image more masculinity and gloss. In addition, a bright short-sleeved shirt hides figure flaws well.
  • The military-style will also gain popularity due to the practicality of the khaki color and the simplicity of the styles produced. Such clothes will emphasize masculinity and brutality.
  • Sneakers, moccasins are a comfortable option for summer shoes that will complement a casual look with tapered men’s jeans.

Don't forget about accessories, which play an essential role in adding a stylish touch to the overall image. Experiment with bright details, unusual bags, hats, baseball caps. In addition, you should pay attention to the color scheme. Unchanging black and white classics will help you easily create a fashionable look. But it is also important to keep track of changes in trends. 

Trendy Jeans Colors for Men

Trendy Jeans Colors for Men Summer 2021

  • Blue shades take the main position in the coming warm season. A deep blue or an indigo suit is suitable for a business style, which looks good in contrast with a pastel-colored shirt and a bright tie. This year, all manifestations of blue are in trend, and therefore young guys and adult men can easily find a suitable model.
  • The palette of dark brown shades is suitable not only for classic suits. It goes well with beige, white, caramel tones, as it needs to be diluted with light, neutral tones.
  • Rich chocolate shades like in a pair of boot cut men’s jeans look noble and graceful but require the selection of shoes of a strictly similar color.
  • Caramel elements in suits, outerwear, shirts, and T-shirts will visually soften the image and complement any look. These clothes look especially good on fair-haired men with dark eyes.
  • Thanks to its aggressiveness, the red color of straight-leg men’s jeans will give confidence to the created image: whether it is a strict jacket in a blood-red shade or a bomber jacket in rich red color.
  • Gray, graphite colors will help to form a stylish look for a business or informal meeting. They are greatly combined well with dark, calm tones. A strict graphite-colored suit will add solidity, and a combination with lilac will add elegance.
  • Yellow, gray tones harmoniously complement each other in many models of business and informal clothing. Thanks to bright elements, even things with the simplest style do not look boring and dull.

"Jeans represent democracy in fashion." - Giorgio Armani, Italian fashion designer.

Remember that clothing is a way to express yourself, so experiment and choose different types of jeans. Whether it is the ultimate classic straight-leg jeans or the quirky skinny fit ones, they are all ready to help you create gorgeous looks and highlight them to the eyes of others. Just arm yourself with our tips and new knowledge of jeans styles, and you will be ready to conquer any event!


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