How to Choose And Wear a Pantsuit For Women?

In the wardrobe of modern women, you will definitely find formal pantsuits for women, which has long become a sign of elegant taste. At the same time, fashion designers try to diversify traditional clothing standards by developing new styles and using unusual fabrics for a classic silhouette. However, the love of fashionistas for trousers some time ago was considered unacceptable, and only men could wear such a wardrobe detail.

How to Wear a Pantsuit?

How did formal pantsuits for women enter the women's wardrobe?

The creator of the pantsuit suit is considered the great Coco Chanel, who boldly challenged society and was not afraid of criticism from traditions. She stylized men's trousers, giving them a more graceful shape and introducing the fashion for pantsuits for women. However, the first woman to wear trousers was not her, but the American Amelia Broumer. In the distant nineteenth century, she shocked the world by appearing in public in wide trousers and a mid-length skirt. This woman was at the head of the feminist movement.

Women's suits received a new round of popularity at the beginning of the twentieth century; the engines of this trend were Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn. Great actresses loved pantsuits and looked great in them, so they were generously forgiven for such antics. Formal pantsuits for women will cause a wave of dissatisfaction only if it is badly sewn or emphasizes all the flaws in the figure.

How to choose casual pantsuits for women?

It is impossible to imagine a women's wardrobe without basic clothes. Casual pantsuits occupy the key place for women, which world couturiers have presented on the catwalks for many seasons in a row. An ideal women's trouser suit is the base, first of all, for a business style.

The perfect cut and fit of a suit is an essential condition when choosing it. Therefore, knowing the basic nuances of choosing the right women's classic suit, you will definitely buy the thing that fits you and your figure.

Let's start with the jacket. Consider several cut options:

  • Fitted. This is the basis for casual pantsuits for women, but it was considered an anti-trend for several seasons. Fortunately, everything has returned to its place, and you can again wear your favorite fitted jacket with trousers, which perfectly emphasizes the waist. It is better to prefer models that are not very tight and with a slightly increased shoulder line. This will give you the correct hourglass silhouette.
  • With a belt. This jacket is very similar in cut to a fitted jacket but less formal thanks to the belt. It is convenient to combine it with low-speed shoes or sneakers, and the belt itself can be hidden in pockets and not always tied.
  • A cropped jacket will ideally be combined with skinny and wide palazzo and bell bottoms. And with tapered high-rise trousers, you will get a casual pantsuit for women that slims any girl.
  • Oversized jackets are the must-haves of this season. You can see it on red carpets and catwalks all over the world. This is exactly the option that will become the base in the wardrobe because you can combine it with trousers and dresses, skirts, jeans, and other things. When choosing such a jacket, it is better to consider shades of gray, beige, wine, blue, or emerald.

Now let's talk about the versatility of trousers. As with choosing a jacket, there are many options. From classic tapered trousers with arrows to bold, eccentric outfits. In the warm season, it is great to complement the suit with Bermuda shorts or culottes. They will be appropriate both in the office, if the dress code allows it, and for a walk. It is essential to understand such models will suit tall girls immediately; otherwise, you can visually make your silhouette shorter.

How to Choose a Pantsuit for Women for Different Body Types?

How to choose a pantsuit for women with no model parameters? Very simple. Now, long straight and wide-leg pants are at the peak of popularity. High-waisted models will visually correct any nuances of the figure and visually make you slimmer and taller.

As for prints, geometry is relevant today. Gray or brown plaid pantsuits are at their peak. Bright prints will look good with sneakers, creating a casual style.

But classic suits combined with a hairpin, makeup, and hairstyle will be a great alternative to an evening dress.

Hairstyle for a Pantsuit for Women

The best hairstyle for a trouser suit is simple, devoid of piles and complex designs that can exaggerate a strict business style. The image will be complemented by standard haircuts of medium-length bob, square.

Owners of long hair can collect their hair in a high ponytail. It will look better with a slightly loosened look with stretched strands. A strict look will be diluted with a lush reverse French braid or loose hair.

What to wear under a jacket pantsuit for women?

Movie and show business stars wear jackets over their naked bodies. Breast size doesn't matter. The image is feminine and seductive. But such a provocative image is not suitable for all girls.

  • If you want to hide the décolleté area, wear a translucent shirt or sweater, choose shapewear underwear. The main thing is not to make the image vulgar.
  • A traditional office option for a blouse or shirt. These products can have a regular collar or a moderately fluffy frill. Lapels and collars that lay over the top of the jacket are out of fashion.
  • Tops, classic T-shirts, T-shirts with and without prints will help to create an informal image. Using bright models, you can create a relaxed image. Sets, where a pair of jackets and trousers are combined with a T-shirt decorated with cartoon, floral or graphic prints, are relevant.
  • Pantsuits for women oversize and casual allow for more loose combinations. They look less formal, so they make it easier to experiment.
  • The choice of socks requires special attention. They should be black or flesh-colored, or better absent altogether. Do not overload a strict image with such an insignificant detail. In winter, they wear tight tights or stockings.

Pantsuit shoes

Most designers agree about what kind of shoes to wear a pantsuit for women. Concise shoes with medium or high heels are recommended; they will perfectly complement a strict image. In summer, sandals are relevant, ankle boots in winter. Shoes should be hidden, devoid of excessive decoration. This will help create a sophisticated look.

Young girls can experiment. For example, complement a strict trouser suit with a bright slip-on, or sneakers. Appropriate accessories glasses, clutch, headwear. In the absence of your ideas, stylists’ recommendations, fashion bloggers, and famous couturiers will help create a spectacular image.

JIMMY CHOO leather mules for pantsuit outfit:

leather mules for pantsuit outfitPantsuit shoes


Jewelry that will match the pantsuit

Formal pantsuits for women are very easy to overload. Therefore, when choosing jewelry for a trouser suit, it is better to strive for restraint. For a business look, two accessories are enough. Combine studs with a necklace, chain, and pendant. Your sense of style will be emphasized by rigid bracelets, laconic watches on a leather strap.

  • Want to create an original look? Put on the brooch. This unfairly forgotten accessory will make the strictest men's cut more feminine.
  • The best costume jewelry for a trouser suit is modest. Oversized and casual suits do not need adornments at all.
  • The trouser suit will be complemented by a laconic clutch, an envelope bag. They can be in a contrasting color, combined with shoes or jewelry.
  • For low-cut things, choose a scarf. By tying it in different ways, you will change the perception of the image every day.
  • Wide-brimmed hats will be an interesting solution. They are appropriate for social events that take place in the open air.
  • The trend of this and the coming seasons is belts. They are worn not only with outerwear, vests made of natural, artificial fur but also with suits. A bright, thin accessory against the background of a classic cut’s pastel product will help accentuate the waistline. Wide models are harmoniously combined with cropped jackets.

Throughout its existence, a pantsuit for women has become one of the basic elements of a women's wardrobe. It provides the ability to create austere and playful looks. You should not deny yourself such a universal thing.


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