High Waisted Straight Leg Jeans for Women

Denim clothing has become an indispensable part of every girl's life, regardless of style, age, or physique. Fashionable jeans are present in the wardrobes of all fashionistas in the world due to the wear-resistant fabric, comfortable care. There are many models that, over time, replace each other on the podium of the fashion industry.

Classic women's jeans are very similar to men's in performance: restrained tones, average fit, absolutely straight cut.

Classic straight jeans are very convenient and comfortable to wear. In general, no frills. Although the cut has remained the same in the modern version, the designers have embodied their most unusual fantasies. Thanks to them, even the most sophisticated women of fashion can today find, as they say, the same.

Straight Leg Jeans | History of Fabric

Initially, jeans appeared and, for a long time, were considered a fabric for tailoring specialized clothing for working specialties: miners, farmers, builders. Years later, having noticed all the advantages of this part of clothing, people began to introduce jeans into their wardrobe.

The peak of denim’s popularity fell in the 60s of the last century when the fashionable hippie movement was gaining momentum. An integral part of the image of hippies was comfort, convenience, and naturalness. In those days, flared models were especially popular.

In the 90s, high-waisted straight leg jeans flooded all fashion shows. And now, after twenty years, they have triumphantly declared their primacy.

Jeans Fashion Trends 2021

In our time, the beautiful half of humanity is incredibly lucky with such a universal model. Thanks to the properties of dense fabric, you can slightly correct the figure, place the right accents, and mask the figure flaws.

Straight leg jeans outfits are suitable for women of any shape. Narrow hips acquire the desired appetizing, wide hips are slightly adjusted with this type of jeans.

The pro of choosing jeans with a high rise is the visual reduction in the waist. What woman doesn't dream of having a thin, wasp waist?

High-waisted jeans are very popular with world-famous stars. Such models are preferred by Rihanna, Christina Ricci, Eva Longoria, and many other celebrities.

Features and Benefits of Straight Leg Jeans

High-waisted jeans have a number of advantages over other models:

  • They mask figure flaws well. Denim has a high degree of density. Due to this, jeans correct existing imperfections. They tighten extra centimeters, making the waist slimmer and tighter. Slimming jeans will be a salvation for curvy women.

  • Do not have an age limit. They look appropriate on young beauties, as well as on older women.

  • Wearing comfort. These jeans do not create any discomfort when walking, thanks to the thoughtful fit.

  • Health care. In cold seasons, your back will always be warm under a dense fabric, no matter how you move.

  • The versatility of creating images. This model is perfectly combined with any clothing, accessories, and footwear. It is not at all necessary to completely update the wardrobe. A few basic things are enough to get a variety of outfits.

Features of Selection of Straight Leg Jeans Outfits

There are many issues you should be guided by when buying high-rise jeans.

  • Pants width

Leg width varies from narrow to wide. Here it is better to focus on your own feelings and the experience of wearing other models.

If skinny denim trousers have never taken root in your wardrobe due to discomfort when walking, then products with a high waist will not suit you. Do not forget that when choosing an item of clothing, you should be guided not only by fashion trends but also take into account your own physique.

  • Density of the fabric

Depending on what season of the year it is outside, you should choose jeans according to the density of the fabric.

In the cold season, choose thick fabrics, and in summer, on the contrary, thin ones.

Also, keep in mind that thick fabric is able to visually correct some imperfections, while models made of thin material, on the contrary, will emphasize all existing imperfections.

  • Color spectrum

You can choose colors based on your own taste preferences, but taking into account the physique.

Ladies with curvaceous shapes are better off paying attention to models in dark shades.

You can often see girls wearing high-waisted jeans with various bright prints. Thus, you can also distract the eyes of others from the existing figure flaws.

  • Decorative elements

When making a purchase, carefully consider how appropriate the decor of the jeans will be in combination with the existing clothing.

It can be completely varied: different sizes of buttons, embroidery, decoration with rhinestones, beads, stones. Not every model will be appropriate at work, for example.

Curvy women should avoid large accents on the garment. Large patch pockets, large patterns will accentuate curvy hips.

Straight leg jeans are suitable for slim women, as they perfectly emphasize the grace of the legs. It is greatly combined with a tight-fitting T-shirt, a fitted cropped jacket in catchy colors, fashionable slippers, platform boots.

Who are Straight Leg Jeans for? Interesting Tips

Straight Leg Jeans

Before buying an unfamiliar jeans model, every girl thinks about whether jeans with a high waist are suitable for her and what to wear them with.

To answer this question, consider the selection of trousers for various types of figure, physique, existing shortcomings.

Jeans with a high waist are suitable for absolutely any woman. You just need to determine the correct, most successful model.

Girls with an "apple" body shape should be especially careful when choosing styles. Straight leg jeans outfits will suit them. When choosing a color scheme, it is better to focus on dark tones that visually slim and lengthen the silhouette.

Owners of curvy pear-shaped thighs should take a closer look at flared or straight models. Always choose shoes with heels to balance the proportions. Narrowed versions are prohibited.

Inverted triangle and rectangle body shape. Almost all models are suitable for ladies with the figure of an inverted triangle and rectangle, and a high waistline focuses on a beautiful chest.

Shorter-than-average girls should avoid flared cuts as they won't fit - it visually shortens the silhouette, making it awkward. Straight leg loose jeans for women make the legs endlessly long and the waist narrow. They go well with feminine shirts, tops. Wide leg jeans are the best for retro fashion looks. Therefore, we advise all girls to wear wide-leg jeans, as they will make you look more elegant.


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