Best Jeans Options for Short Women

jeans for short women
It is not enough to be guided by the current trends to choose the perfect jeans for petite women. It is essential to take into account the characteristics of your figure. We have to admit that not all trendy jeans can successfully fit into your wardrobe. Girls of short stature know this firsthand. A versatile all-time piece of skinny jeans. Although they have long and systematically been ousted from the fashionable pedestal, they have been and remain the best jeans for petite women. The right jeans visually stretch the figure and make it slimmer. Here are some simple rules to play with skinny jeans in the new season.
  • Wear high-waisted skinny jeans with chunky sweaters, shirts, and tops. This technique magically makes your legs infinitely long.
  • For short girls, it is best to combine skinny with elongated jackets or medium length options. Shortened models are strictly contraindicated.
  • Skinny jeans are best worn with a thick fabric upper. Take a course on textured knit sweaters, leather, wool or heavy cotton shirts.
  • You can opt for cropped skinny jeans that open up your ankles nicely and add a few extra inches to your height. But it is better to leave this technique for a favourable temperature.

 Actual jeans styles for short women

  • Straight jeans are the best jeans for petite women. These jeans have a basic cut that fits just about everyone. Ideally, choose no scuffs, no holes, no yellow undertones when it comes to blue jeans. The easiest way will be to combine white, black, blue and gray. Ideally, they should have a medium or high waist. Ankle length, opening it up a bit. The bottom edge may not be finished. They can be either slim or slightly more free.


  • Jean’s culottes are perfect for petite women and are still relevant. However, you need to be careful with them and build proportions in the image that stretch the height as they expand the silhouette. Ideally, wear such jeans with heels or shoes that do not contrast with the color of the legs. Choose models with a high rise and emphasize the waist in images if this technique suits your figure. And also build images in monochrome. By the way, for the summertime, an excellent alternative to denim culottes is the denim bermuda jeans for petite women.

FRYE Velvet Jeans

  • Slim or new mom. They replaced the jeans that have already become familiar to mom. Unlike the latter, they are narrower in the leg area but still do not fit the shin area.

LEVI'S Jeans

  • Low-rise wide-leg jeans. Jeans for short women are not the best option for several reasons. Firstly, a low seating position will visually shorten the legs, which means the entire silhouette will seem squat. Secondly, such jeans should be wide, and to the floor, while a fold is often formed, this makes the legs visually even shorter. And the extra width pulls the figure down. Of course, this model is fashionable, and if you really want, you can create an image so that it does not greatly change the figure and even looks good. But this requires knowledge, skills, free time to experiment, and, most likely, specially selected items for these jeans.


  How to wear slouchy jeans to petite women?

One of the advantages of slouchy jeans style is that you can create the illusion of a thin waist for petite women with their help. This is an excellent option for slender girls with a boyish figure. However, quite a few different girls and women can be afforded such jeans if you follow simple rules.

  • Open your ankle to reveal the thinnest and most graceful part of your leg. In general, this technique is highly desirable to use when you are wearing oversized clothes.
  • Jeans must sit at the waist, and the waist is emphasized. If you have a flat and beautiful belly, you can use crop tops.
  • It is better to choose shoes for such jeans in the color of the skin of the legs, and even better with at least a small heel.
  • These jeans are more suitable for the spring and summer period, as they usually do not look very good with bulky outerwear.

These rules for jeans will suit everyone, especially for short women. Which top to choose specifically? Is it possible for you to wear such a model? These are already questions that require a detailed analysis of your figure and the choice of correction techniques that are right for you.

How to choose the right clothes for small women?

jeans for petite women
  • For any figure, the first condition for the selection of ideally suited clothing is size. But with a small stature, you should pay special attention to the clothes’ silhouette’s degree of fit. So, the best option would be an adjacent or semi-adjacent style. Moreover, for short women, fitting jeans will work best. You should prefer this style to oversize or, conversely, body-fitting wardrobe items. If you like a loose silhouette, give fitted models preference or emphasize the waistline with a belt. The baggy style of clothing for small women hides the figure’s proportions, including the vertical ones. As a result, the legs are visually shortened, which means that you look lower and squat.
  • If you prefer clothes with ruffles, and layering, try to balance the complex thing with a simple one to create balance. For example, balance a blouse with a complex print with a plain skirt or jeans for petite women. Women of small stature can wear absolutely any clothes if the correct proportion in the image is observed.
  • You need to pay attention to where this or that thing ends to achieve the most advantageous proportions for the figure’s visual perception.
  • Cropped jeans with small stature can visually halve your legs, thereby making your height shorter. If you opt for cropped trousers or jeans, complement them with heeled shoes and tuck the top to accentuate the waist and create a form-fitting silhouette. Depending on the shoes, the optimal length of trousers for petite women is to the ankle, slightly higher or lower.
  • When choosing skirts and dresses, petite women should avoid midi length, i.e. things should not end in the calf area. The best length for your proportions is above the knee (if the shape and situation allow), the middle of the knee, and the floor’s length. Pay attention to skirts and trousers at waist level. Such a fit visually lengthens the line of the legs, and subsequently, the growth in general. If you prefer flat shoes, choose high-waisted clothing.
  • Pay attention to the fit at the shoulders and the length of the sleeves. When choosing a jacket or outerwear for petite women, it is especially important that the shoulder seams are in place. Also, short women should give preference to soft, small shoulder pads, or their absence, if possible, and three-quarter sleeves that open a graceful wrist. As for the length of the coat or raincoat, the most advantageous length will be to the knee and above for small stature. But you should avoid the length below the knee: such a length of outerwear will adorn only slender and tall ones. Skinny jeans for petite women are ideal for the knee-length coat.
  • Too large a drawing of clothes can disturb the proportions of the figure with a small stature. So that your figure does not look overwhelmed when you are short, choose clothes with a pattern in combination with a concise cut without frills, ruffles and layering.
  • If we talk about belts, small stature women should choose narrow belts. If you prefer a wide belt, stick with the same color as your outfit, choose a belt to match the trousers or skirt. It will visually lengthen the legs.

Now you know that it is easy to turn short stature into your dignity, just using a couple of simple techniques in clothes. Petite women need to pay attention to the details when choosing a wardrobe and ensure that the proportions are observed when creating sets.


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